We set up this website because we wanted to help others. We understand that money can be a complicated and stressful thing to deal with and we wanted to help. We therefore put together lots of information which we hope will be helpful to all sorts of people. Therefore, we have covered different subjects but have kept everything simple, in the hope that no one gets confused. We hope that as many people as possible will have a read and learn something about money which will help them to make better financial decisions and feel more in control. Once you know a bit more stress levels fall and money becomes a pleasure again. We hope that even if you just pick a few tips, it will be enough to start you off making improvements to your finances so that you can make a gradual difference and eventually change bad habits for good and handle your money much more easily. It will take time and our articles will just be a start but if you can start to make some changes and learn a bit, then you can build on that and hopefully make really big improvements in the long term.